Time Hoppers: The Silk Road is a charming, fully voiced, immersive action-adventure RPG for children 6 and up featuring diverse protagonists learning about an underrepresented culture and period of history. Set in the near future, you will be traveling back in time across the 8th to 11th century with friends from the Aqli Academy for Gifted Children and adventuring through lovingly recreated locations along the Silk Road. We are bringing forth the personalities and worlds of real historical figures from Islamic history who laid the foundation for some of the most important aspects of modern science.

You will need to save these scientists and thinkers from the machinations of the mad alchemist Dr. Fasid. Hop in for the adventure of many lifetimes and uphold the light in the dark ages!


Muslim Kids TV was founded by husband-and-wife creative team, Michael Milo and Flordeliza Dayrit, when they realized as parents that there was a desperate lack of entertainment content that would empower and guide their young children to understand and appreciate the same principles they held.

Driven by a burning desire to provide wholesome alternatives— not just for their children—but for all children worldwide, MuslimKids TV was born. Founded in 2006, MKTV successfully launched the MuslimKidsTV streaming video service now featuring over 15,000 resources including videos, web games and eBooks. It became their mission to create healthy alternatives for families who seek moral values and traditional cultural content for their children.

Time Hoppers: The Silk Road fills this need in children’s entertainment by providing a high-quality adventure experience that players of all ages, genders and cultural backgrounds can enjoy.


  • Celebrating our diversity is important so we have included expanded, culturally considerate customization options that allow players from all walks of life to feel represented in-game
  • Adorable, hand-crafted aesthetic is optimized to run buttery smooth, even on low-end hardware
  • Made with children in mind, players are immersed within a captivating, fully voice-acted story filled with twists and turns.
  • Environments are rewarding to explore, feature multiple NPCs, quests, mini-games and more to discover!
  • The Academy Observatory allows players to customize and personalize their game with items they've collected from the Silk Road!
  • Thrilling, family friendly, enemy encounters put the fate of history directly in the hands of the player!
  • Each challenge you overcome will bring you one step closer to solving the mystery of Dr. Fasid!
  • Designed from the ground up to support a range of input methods, with platform portability in mind.

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